Video highlights Linde’s leadership in clean energy solutions
Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012

Linde North America today announced the availability of a new video describing Linde’s diverse products and services for clean energy solutions. Linde, a worldwide leader in gas production and delivery, is committed to the development of the clean energy solutions that are essential for sustainable worldwide growth. The video showcases examples of Linde’s varied initiatives and can be viewed on Linde’s LNG website at:

is focusing its expertise and worldwide infrastructure on the safe production, storing and transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG). This enables a growing customer base to benefit from LNG’s advantages as a clean, economical and abundant fuel. The video shows Europe’s largest natural gas liquefaction plant, built by Linde under strict environmental regulations, and Linde’s innovative offshore, floating LNG factories that can tap reserves wherever they are found. Linde is also developing a sequestration system that captures carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired plants and transports the gas to partnering greenhouses.

The video illustrates how Linde is also applying its expertise to the production of renewable energy resources. In California, Linde built a biogas harnessing system that converts landfill gases into biofuel for transportation. It is partnering with photovoltaic cell manufacturers to generate the fluorine needed for the cells, and the company is supporting the bio-generation of fuels from algae. Hydrogen, one of the cleanest fuels, can be easily transported in liquid form to heat homes, produce energy, and fuel road and maritime transportation. In the video Linde describes hydrogen as the future of sustainable fuel and explains how the company intends to be a leader in its safe and efficient use.

Source: Business Wire

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