Project Resolute holds the key to Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker capability shortages
Monday, Apr 24, 2017
Project Resolute – a multi-company partnership – provides Canada with the world's four most powerful, privately-owned multi-role icebreakers at a fraction of the cost of building from scratch. This affordable and timely solution to meet the Canadian Coast Guard capability shortages was presented this morning at the Mari-Tech event in Montreal.

Project Resolute was developed as part of an official solicitation from the government of Canada seeking solutions to meet our country's icebreaking and oil-spill response capability requirements. Four world leaders in operations and marine construction have combined their assets and skills to provide this unique, timely and cost effective solution.

A turnkey solution

Though modern, Arctic-capable icebreakers are rarely available on the global market, the recent cancellation of an Arctic oil exploration program has created a rare but limited window of opportunity for the Canadian Coast Guard to capitalize on. These four vessels are modern, proven and with limited reconfiguration work will not only meet, but in some cases, exceed all the requirements of the Canadian Coast Guard for both inland and Arctic icebreaking, salvage, towage and oil spill response operations.

Alex Vicefield, Chairman of Davie Shipbuilding commented "Through our worldwide marine industry network we performed a thorough evaluation of all ships throughout the globe which had both the capability to perform Arctic icebreaking operations as well as perform oil spill response, towage and salvage. We are very pleased to have come to an arrangement with the owners of these highly rare and specialized vessels to provide them as a highly affordable, turnkey operation."

Spencer Fraser, CEO of Federal Fleet Services added "By adopting the same flexible leasing arrangement as we have used for the Royal Canadian Navy's next supply ship, the Canadian Coast Guard now has an opportunity to immediately close the gap. We are pleased to be working with a Quebec ship operator company who will provide support services for these vessels and know the St Lawrence river better than anyone. The other consortium partner, Viking, is the world's largest privately owned icebreaker operator and their reputation for their ships and operational excellence is well known".

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