Last modules taken ashore at Yamal
Wednesday, Oct 04, 2017
The first of three liquefaction trains at the Yamal LNG facility, situated on the outer rim of Arctic Siberia, is now in its commissioning phase.
In September, Mammoet has taken the last modules ashore that were coming in from sea. Now, Mammoet has loaded in all modules for the Yamal project in a period of just under two years. A multinational team from over 18 nationalities executed these load-ins under extreme weather conditions, ranging from +35 degrees Celsius during the Arctic summer with 24 hours of light, to -40 degrees Celsius while there was no daylight. In the coming months, Mammoet will install the remaining modules that are currently in storage at Yamal. Mammoet is proud to have such a driven team that is delivering a unique performance under these circumstances.

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