K-Line to develop Japan’s first LNG-fuelled ferry
Friday, Sep 15, 2017
Japanese shippers K Line and its related coastal freight transportation and ferry services company (K Line Kinkai) have agreed to work on a joint study to develop Japan’s first environmentally friendly LNG-fuelled ferry.
The study will include specifications, engine types and any related technical verifications for LNG handling, in order to make the LNG-fuelled ferry commercially viable in Japan, the K Line Group said in a September 6 statement.

This said that K Line Kinkai had already been studying the introduction of a ferry fuelled by LNG, underlining that the collaboration with K Line would accelerate this study, which aligns with K Line Group’s long-term environment management vision, encapsulated in its Environmental Vision 2050 strategy.

The introduction of an LNG-powered ferry will virtually eliminate all SOx emissions and minimise NOx and CO2 emissions, it added.

The group said it envisioned a marine transportation business characterised by lower environmental disruption and higher efficiency through deploying fuels such as LNG and LPG that are more environmentally friendly.

It said in the statement: “Having more than 40 years of experience in operation and management of liquefied gas carriers, we will continue to aim… for the realisation of being a business that enables a greater number of people around the world to enjoy the advantage of marine transportation characterised by a lower environmental load and higher efficiency by means of marine fuels, such as LNG.”

Apart from the LNG-fuelled ferry project, the K Line Group has also been studying the introduction of other types of LNG-fuelled vessels including car carriers and tugboats, as well as the LNG supply business.  K-Line is also part of a working group assessing the feasibility of LNG bunkering for car carrting ships travelling between Japan and Singapore.

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